HRF Flexibility Processes

The HRF Flexibility Processes OPEN CATEGORY OF PROCESSES COGNITIVE DEFUSION Letting go of sticky thoughts and choosing to not let them influence your behavior EXPANSION

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Processes vs Protocols

Processes vs Protocols Healthcare traditionally uses “protocol-based” approaches to address health problems. This includes step-by- step procedures that are based on a single diagnosis. It’s

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Humans Are Robust

Humans Are Robust Humans are Robust HUMANS ARE RESILIENT!! Looking at the body joint by joint, one thing you can notice is how strong and robust

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Dropping the Anchor

Dropping the Anchor EXPLORE YOUR AWARENESS OF BEING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT   Take a moment to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings that are showing

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Driving in a Storm

Driving in a Storm We often use another metaphor that has helped many individuals work with difficult sensations (i.e., pain), demanding thoughts, or challenging emotions

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