What We Do


DMR Move provides multiple opportunities to assist you in your struggles. Our trained Movement and Pain Specialists have adequate time to listen to your story and provide 1:1 care that is unique to your needs. We recognize that what works for you will not work for someone else. Together, we will make a customized plan to help you move towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life

Rehab and Recovery

Our dedicated team of highly-skilled Movement and Pain Specialists is compiled of licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists who want one thing – to get you back to doing what you love.

Movement and Wellness

If you are interested in improving your quality of movement for fitness, enhanced performance, or just a sense of improved wellbeing, we can help.

Conditions we Treat

We treat humans, not diagnoses. The problems humans struggle with sometimes are given labels. Here are just a few "diagnosis" labels we commonly work with.

Virtual Session

Virtual Sessions

Receive quality service for pain, movement, and wellness online! Care within your own home can not only be helpful.


Chronic Pain Program

At DMR Move, we do our best to provide hope to the hopeless. A majority of our clientele are individuals who have seen countless providers with little success.

Rehab Intensives

Some human problems need intensive focused work for periods of times. We've developed our 3-week intensive programs for these kinds of problems.

Auto Accidents

When tragedy strikes, you will need a dedicated team that understands all the biological, psychological, and social changes involved after being in an accident.

Workers Comp

When you’ve been injured at work, the focus is often on the area or areas that were injured. However, we recognize that behind that injured part is a human being.

Sports Performance

When it comes to treating pain in athletes, the world-wide consensus is that we are not treating it appropriately with the current healthcare model.
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Children require a special approach that provides patience, understanding and fun! DMR Move offers specialized therapy just for kids.
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The AUX Movement System (AMS) is a brand new all-in-one patented technology for bodyweight unloading rehabilitation.


DMR Move offers world-class science-based courses and material to help educate and empower our communities.