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What if I said your health was more than just your body? Most would agree, and science agrees, but unfortunately, the majority of western medicine has not caught up to what most of us intuitively know and what science has revealed.

Challenges can arise in any of our Biological, Psychological, and Social spheres. Health problems start with a single factor such as an injury, disease, or a life event. Then all of the other factors can turn into serious health challenges. These kinds of problems require a more thorough multidimensional perspective, such as the Biopsychosocial model, and this is what we specialize in!

DMR | Move and Recover

Steve’s Story

Dr. Steve Hamming is a performance psychologist and cofounder of Neurofit: Center for Human Performance and the 1st Place Finisher in the Crossfit Games of 2014.

“To stand on the podium with hundreds, thousands of people watching, and to know I’m truly competing with the best athletes in the world my age… it was the thrill of a lifetime.

My Pain

It got to the point where I could not lift my leg up, I was getting muscle cramps everywhere. My coach wondered if I had Parkinson’s, we had no idea what was happening in my body.

I’d been to physical therapy and I’d been to chiropractors and a lot of different professionals getting help… I was not getting better, I hurt everywhere, it made no sense to me and I thought this could be the end of being an athlete for me.

Our Journey

I remember the moment that you looked at me and said, “I know what this is. You’re going to be fine.” You took this mess that was happening in my body, you figured it out, and offered hope.

I’ve had no recurring issue with my back, despite the demands I put on it.”

Katie’s Story

“Everything has changed for the better.

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as Fibromyalgia and Ankylosing Spondylitis.

I’ve tried injections, normal physical therapy, pain meds… everything you can think of I have tried to treat the daily pain that I am living with and nothing had really given me the outcome that I wanted.

I’ve been able to have more control over my life, go down on the meds, and have a better quality of life.”

Bob’s Story

“I got to a point that I couldn’t climb a set of stairs without nearly being in tears.

I felt that I wasn’t able to move the way I should be able to… I started seeing different specialists and… ultimately was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis.

Having two major surgeries in a short length of time made it where I wasn’t able to recover as quickly as I should.

The therapy that I do with Leonard… has helped me look at therapy as a tool, totally different.

It’s been allowing me to better pay attention to my body and alter my activity or mindset before it turns into significant pain and becomes debilitating instead of motivating.

If you live in physical pain find someone who specializes in pain – you won’t regret it.”


Read what our clients have to say.

“I have tried different physical therapies, chiropractics, injections and this is the first time I have seen results.”

“I’ve had ongoing back and neck pain for 10 years and Leonard has been a huge help. He’s extremely knowledgeable about the body and how it responds. I’ve tried PT before with little to no results. This place is very different, they work to give you long term relief rather than just a bandaid for pain!”

“To find the words to describe how I felt after one visit is just not possible, let’s just say I finally wanted to live again.”

“Been working with Leonard for the past two years varying from lower back issues to post ACL surgery recovery and therapy. The mix of his knowledge and personality really relieve any anxiety I’m having. His manner during appointments is also fantastic. Love working with him!”

Lisa + Paul

“We wanted to give Leonard a huge THANK YOU for getting our daughter Kyra back up to speed so quickly this summer

Kyra developed acute patellar tendinitis early in the summer after an intense week of high school basketball conditioning and camps. She was barely able to run up and down the court.

We were very worried, as this summer was the most important summer for her college basketball recruiting that she will ever have. Kyra needed to be at the top of her game.

Leonard’s therapy had Kyra feeling better much better, even after the first visit. She recovered quickly with his therapy and exercise recommendations and learned where to put kinetic tape if she needed it.

He assured her that the pain she was feeling when she played a lot of basketball was more of a defense mechanism than actually something wrong with her knees, so she knew she could play through it when she had to. Kyra had a terrific showing this summer and could not have played any better. 

We are happy to report she is very busy talking to college coaches and scheduling visits. Thanks so much Leonard!”

James A.

“How I got here is I pretty much ran out of doctors and people telling me I need to take this medication or that medication. That wasn’t working.

Going to traditional PT was helpful in the short term but didn’t give me the tools to analyze and maintain my body and figure out what I am capable of so that I could function,

touch my toes, shower without having to lay down in the shower because I can’t stand that long amongst many other basic things.

I learned how to do a lot of things I didn’t know I could get back. One of the main parts of the treatment was self-awareness, learning what my body does when I move.

It was through education I was able to learn what was best for me and why the things that worked for me worked.”

Lori Gottschalk, RN

“With my first appointment with Leonard I was able to get some sustained pain relief.

I was also educated on what was going on with me. What my nerves, brain, were doing. This was done in a scientific, physiological and evidence-based manner. Which as a nurse was about the only thing that would get through the miasma of the physical and emotional pain I was in.

To find the words to describe how I felt after one visit is just not possible, let’s just say I finally wanted to live again.

Without the education provided by Leonard, I simply would have thought I was crazy and I would have been without hope of ever getting better. With the education that Leonard provided me with, now I know I will gain my health back and I finally believe I will get my life back.

No matter where my professional life takes me, I will use this knowledge to continue learning about this new and fascinating world of cutting edge knowledge in the field of pain. 

I will find a way to help people in similar situations as I find myself in.”

Todd G. Oosting

“On June 30th, 2016 while water skiing I suffered a severe disk injury. That day I felt very little pain. Two weeks later could not walk

My trainer and massage therapist recommended I try some guy named “Leonard” who specialized in this type of pain. They said great things about you and they had known several people that you had helped. Athletes and the type of folks I considered myself to be.

The pain takes away your reason and your confidence. Because of what you said I was able to calm down and get through it. You kept telling me it was going to get better. Together we have accomplished this goal (well 90% as we are not done yet).

I truly want to thank you, Leonard. You made me feel welcome, relaxed and I actually looked forward to our appointments. Your process and approach are wonderful and very effective.”

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