Virtual Sessions

Virtual Sessions

Receive quality service for pain, movement, and wellness online! Care within your own home can not only be helpful but it can be crucial at times for your success.


Struggling to get comfortable in that chair during your workday? With virtual visits we can help you get comfortable in the actual space you work, using the chair, desk, and electronics you use to help maximize your comfort and efficiency. If you are having difficulty with cooking or cleaning, we help you troubleshoot your movements WHERE you have the problem. Want to learn how to work out using your equipment at home, we can do that too!


Contact us and ask about a Virtual Visit to see how we can help you!

What does a virtual visit look like?

Our dedicated team of highly-skilled Movement and Pain Specialists consists of licensed Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists who want one thing – to get you back to doing what you love. We work with you and your body’s needs to help relieve pain and to become stronger for it.

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