Biopsychosocially Applied


What if we said your health was more than just your body? Most would agree, and science agrees, but unfortunately the majority of medicine (both Western and Eastern!) has not caught up to what most of us intuitively know and what science has revealed.

Health problems may start with a single moment or factor, such as an injury, disease, or a life event, but then because of all the pieces surrounding that moment may slowly, and in some cases very quickly, turn into serious health challenges, including persistent and complex pain. A more thorough, multidimensional perspective is required that is equipped to address all the biologic, psychologic, and sociologic factors associated with these kinds of problems. This is called a Biopsychosocial Model which is what we specialize in!
Current healthcare trends continuously fail to manage complexity because they are consistently built from an outdated biomedical model. By implementing the Human Rehabilitation Framework within our care, we provide a unique perspective to pain and movement based within a biopsychosocial model of health. When we look at improving quality of movement for fitness, performance enhancement, or just a sense of improved wellbeing, we want to know about your story, your values, your goals, and how your body is built and behaves.

The specific movements and exercises we teach clients are built around every person’s unique anatomy, health history, body behavior, their likes/dislikes, values, and goals.

We use advances in neuroscience and biomechanics to further expand on these ideas for performance enhancement and just general improvement in movement and wellness.

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