What To Do When Experiencing a Flare Up

What to do When Experiencing a Flare-Up It’s not about if; it’s about when.  If you have ever experienced a big pain flare once in your life, odds are that you will experience one again.Having a plan to guide you when that time comes is crucial. It may sound reasonable that you can walk yourself… Continue reading What To Do When Experiencing a Flare Up

10 Facts About Back Pain

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7 Facts About Posture

7 Facts About Posture And Pain Have you ever heard that a majority of your pain stems from your poor posture?! We hear it all the time from patients. Our culture has created the thought that their is only one correct posture and that if you don’t sit or stand in it then you will likely… Continue reading 7 Facts About Posture

Dropping the Anchor

EXPLORE YOUR AWARENESS OF BEING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT Take a moment to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings that are showing up for you right now.   Simply notice what your mind is doing: Is it racing, whirring, or worrying?   Notice what you can feel in your body: Are there some painful feelings in… Continue reading Dropping the Anchor

Driving in a Storm

Driving in a Storm We often use another metaphor that has helped many individuals work with difficult sensations (i.e., pain), demanding thoughts, or challenging emotions in an active/engaged manner. This metaphor is called: Driving in a Storm. Imagine you are driving on a road in the middle of a dark raging storm with thunder, lightning,… Continue reading Driving in a Storm

Body as a Rule Making Machine

Body as a Rule Making Machine THE BODY HIDES INFORMATION   Throughout our day-to-day life, our body withholds a lot of information from us. We don’t typically feel the clothes we are wearing, the movement of blood in our blood vessels, every heartbeat, and every muscle contraction that is preventing us from falling out of… Continue reading Body as a Rule Making Machine

Attention vs Distraction to Pain​

Attention vs Distraction to Pain As humans, it is natural for us to want to avoid uncomfortable things and try and control things we do not enjoy. When it comes to pain, the most natural thing to do, and often the most common advice people are given, is to distract themselves from the pain with… Continue reading Attention vs Distraction to Pain​

Osteoarthritis Myths

Osteoarthritis Myths The Top Myths About Osteoarthritis OA Myths and Facts MYTH: I should be worried about seeing osteoarthritis on my X-Ray or MRI reports. ————— FACT: Joints change over time just like the rest of your body. These joint changes are called osteoarthritis. They are poorly related to pain.     MYTH: Osteoarthritis is… Continue reading Osteoarthritis Myths

What are Normal Changes of the Spine?​

What are Normal Changes of the Spine? SPINAL DEGENERATION SOUNDS SCARY BUT IT’S JUST A TECHNICAL WORD FOR NORMAL AGING!   The spine begins to undergo completely normal, age-related changes at around age 13, and by our 40’s, our spine has already gone through a LOT of changes that we may not even be aware… Continue reading What are Normal Changes of the Spine?​