7 Facts About Posture

Have you ever heard that a majority of your pain stems from your poor posture?!
We hear it all the time from patients. Our culture has created the thought that their is only one correct posture and that if you don’t sit or stand in it then you will likely get pain in the future.
Despite this being such a common belief, it couldn’t be more wrong. Posture can be a very complex subject and when it comes to pain, their are only a few things we can say with high confidence and that is outlined in these facts.
But do these facts tell us the whole story? Not entirely! Our joints and tissues love movement. So maybe instead of thinking of what position is correct, think about how long your body has been in one particular position.
Being able to move and shift and change into more comfortable positions can be all you need to lessen any symptoms you are experiencing.
Therefore, it is encouraged that you are able to be aware of how you are feeling in the moment and can shift into a more comfortable position as appropriate. We often say that the best position is the next position!

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