Chronic Low Back Pain

Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain

Experiencing lower back pain can greatly hinder your day-to-day activities and lower your quality of life. At DMR Move, we empathize with the discomfort and challenges that this pain can bring, and we’re committed to delivering effective and empathetic solutions to help you regain your mobility and vitality.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

The causes of lower back pain are typically multifactorial—not solely attributable to a single source. This can make it confusing for patients trying to comprehend their condition and identify effective remedies.


At DMR Move, we believe in demystifying the complexity of lower back pain and providing education to enhance your understanding of the multiple factors contributing to the condition.


What Does Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain Look Like?

Physical therapy is a widely endorsed method of treating lower back pain. However, it’s important to note that not all therapeutic approaches are equally effective. DMR Move offers customized treatment plans based on the Human Rehabilitation Framework, considering your unique physical, emotional, and social circumstances to address the underlying factors related to your pain experience.


Back Pain Physical Therapy at DMR Move

At DMR Move, we utilize a unique approach to physical and occupational therapy that has consistently proven beneficial for our patients. Our team of professionals collaboratively develop a treatment plan that aims to assist you in working with your pain, enhance mobility, and restore functionality by addressing the underlying processes contributing to your lower back pain.


Our Chronic Back Pain Treatment Options

Our professional team of physical and occupational therapists are dedicated to your recovery journey. Our combined expertise and a sincere desire for your wellbeing can guide you towards a successful recovery.


Our Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment Staff

Our team of highly trained and compassionate physical and occupational therapists are committed to helping you overcome lower back pain and regain control of your life. With years of experience in back pain treatment, our staff combines expertise with a genuine desire to see you succeed on your journey to recovery.


What to Expect at Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain

Our commitment to the Human Rehabilitation Framework ensures that we offer comprehensive and effective treatment. Here’s what to expect from our outpatient rehabilitation program:

  • A comprehensive evaluation based on your history, physical exam, movement exam, and interconnected factors
  • Identification of necessary disciplines (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology)
  • A functional analysis to gauge your progress
  • A bespoke plan to help you build the necessary skills and strategies for your unique needs
  • Tracking progress against your desired results
  • Ongoing support from our team to ensure a fulfilling recovery journey



Physical Therapy Exercises for Low Back Pain

While there’s an extensive list of exercises and stretches suggested for low back pain, not all of them are beneficial. Instead of blindly following a prescribed exercise regimen, our team will identify underlying issues affecting your condition and implement function-oriented behavioral strategies to assist in daily movement and comfort. Not only will these strategies be beneficial during the session, but they’ll also impact you directly at home, giving you the freedom and independence in taking ownership of your condition.


How Long Does Physical Therapy Take for Lower Back Pain?

The length of your physical therapy depends on the severity of your condition, your adherence to the treatment plan, and your body’s response to the therapy. Our primary goal is to restore your function and quality of life in the most efficient way possible.


Start Your Physical Therapy for Back Pain

If lower back pain is negatively impacting your daily life and well-being, don’t allow it to hold you back. Take the initiative towards recovery by scheduling a consultation with our experienced team at DMR Move. Embark on your physical therapy for back pain today and witness the transformative impact of our specialized approach.

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