Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic Neck pain treatment

Chronic neck pain can have a severe impact on your quality of life, not only affecting your ability to exercise, but also leading to unexpected pain during everyday activities. At DMR Move, we work with people who experience chronic pain, and have developed innovative treatment methods based on years of experience that are tailored to each client.


Causes of Neck Pain


People can experience neck pain from a wide range of causes, including arthritis, strained muscles, whiplash, and other injuries. Just as neck pain can have many different causes, it can feel differently as well. People with chronic neck pain can experience a multitude of symptoms including numbness, stiffness, or acute and sudden bouts of pain related to movement. If your pain doesn’t start to subside after a few days or weeks of rest, it’s a good idea to seek professional treatment.


Physical Therapy for Neck Pain


While some people can find effective results through basic physical therapy for neck pain, there are many people who still have significant issues. Many of our patients have seen multiple other providers to receive PT for neck pain, with limited results. Our tailored and research-based approach has been proven to achieve results for our patients.


Neck Pain Treatment at DMR Move


At DMR Move, we take a unique approach to chronic neck pain treatment. Our services are tailor-made to each patient to improve movement and functionality, improve quality of life, and improve their ability to work with their pain. We also believe that education is an essential part of the recovery process, which is why our expert team spends time with each of our patients to teach them helpful exercises and techniques for pain management.


Our Chronic Neck Pain Treatment Options


The DMR Move Chronic Pain Treatment program is built for patients who have tried other services and have not found adequate results. We use the world-renowned Human Rehabilitation Framework (HRF), which includes a physical exam, a movement exam, and a comprehensive, personalized evaluation that allows our expert staff to understand your full history.


Once that’s finished, we’ll give you a functional diagnosis and start a tailored treatment process that includes measuring your progress and building important skills to improve your ability to thrive.


Get World-Class Treatment for Constant Neck Pain


First and foremost, the staff at DMR Move treat our patients as people. They take into account not just your physical health, but your mental and emotional wellbeing to ensure that we’re applying the right treatment and improving your quality of life. Our staff are highly trained professionals who are excellent at making sure their patients understand their treatment methods and know how to continue making improvements when they’re at home.


What to Expect with Neck Pain Treatment 


Chronic neck pain treatment at DMR Move starts with insight sessions which provide the foundation of your treatment journey. You’ll meet with our therapists to have engaging, transparent, and supportive dialogues to gain insight into your pain experience and how to work with it.


We’ll also create a biopsychosocial profile that will cover your physical and mental health, as well as your social environment. This allows our team to understand your pain experience so we can design the right treatment for you.


How Long Does Therapy for Chronic Neck Pain Take?


That will depend on a number of factors, including the type of injury, its location, any chronic conditions, and the age of the patient. Some people see immediate results while others may have a longer journey. Your therapist will be able to talk with you more about what to expect for your recovery time.


Experience Neck Pain Relief with DMR Move


Looking to start your high-quality neck pain treatment? Contact the staff at DMR Move to schedule a consultation and get your treatment started.

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