Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic Knee pain treatment

Chronic knee pain can be a debilitating illness because of its effect on your ability to walk, exercise, or even lie down properly without experiencing discomfort. At DMR Move, it’s our passion to help patients who are struggling with chronic pain. Many of the patients that we work with have already been to several physical therapists and have been unable to receive satisfactory results. That’s why we use an innovative, research-based approach that seeks to understand each individual patient and provide a custom treatment that’s right for them.


Causes of Knee Pain


People can develop chronic knee pain from a wide range of conditions, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and even cancer. Knee pain can also be caused by injuries from sports or car accidents. 


Many people will experience acute pain, which can last for several days or weeks and typically results from identifiable sources, such as minor injuries. However, pain that doesn’t go away despite adequate rest and careful exercise adds increased complexity to the situation.


Physical Therapy for Knee Pain


Many types of knee pain can be mitigated through basic physical therapy. However, other forms of pain are more persistent, and they require a comprehensive treatment approach. Our highly-trained staff have treated many patients who have struggled to get pain relief for years, and they’ve seen tangible results in our care.


Chronic Knee Pain Treatment at DMR Move


DMR Move takes an innovative, multi-tiered approach to chronic knee pain treatment based on the Human Rehabilitation Framework (HRF). This involves seeing each patient as a complex, unique individual. We seek to understand each of the physical, mental, and social elements that influence their pain experience to deliver more specific and impactful benefits to our patients.


The HRF allows our team to treat not just the symptoms of your knee pain, but to understand the dynamics behind it. This helps us create custom treatments that address each of these issues during our sessions and through at-home activities.


Find Knee Pain Relief with Our World-Class Team


Our highly-trained and specialized team is passionate about helping people move past their chronic pain and get back to the things they enjoy doing with their lives. We love getting to know our patients and understanding how each part of their unique experience contributes to their chronic knee pain and treatment. 


What to Expect with Knee Physical Therapy 


Chronic knee pain treatment at DMR Move starts with creating a biopsychosocial profile and holding insight sessions with our patients. The biopsychosocial profile is what allows us to understand the biological, psychological, and social factors influencing your pain to create an individualized treatment plan.


The insight sessions involve transparent, empathetic, and supportive conversations that guide our clinicians in selecting the most appropriate activities to move you forward which may include hands-on treatment, movement-based strategies, or direction on home modifications. 


How Long Does Physical Therapy Take for Chronic Knee Pain?


There are a wide range of factors that will decide how long physical therapy for knee pain will need to take place. Some patients can see significant results in a few weeks, while others may see a longer road to recovery. When you meet with our specialists, they’ll be able to give you a better idea of how long treatment may be necessary to treat your specific condition.


Find Knee Pain Relief with DMR Move


Looking to start a chronic knee pain treatment process with proven results? Schedule a consultation with DMR Move to learn what our innovative approach can do for you.

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