Chronic Pain Syndrome

chronic pain syndrome Treatment

While we don’t focus on treating specific diagnoses or labels, many of the individuals who come to us for help have been given labels such as chronic pain syndrome. At DMR Move, we understand the complexities and challenges that come with living with CPS, and we offer a compassionate, effective approach to help people manage their pain and lead a more fulfilling life. Our commitment is to treat the whole individual, not just a diagnosis.


What Is Chronic Pain Syndrome?

Chronic pain is a complex, debilitating condition impacting millions globally. The roots of chronic pain cannot be narrowed down to one specific cause, given the complexity and multifactorial nature of pain. Hence, when evaluating conditions related to chronic pain, it’s vital to take into account all the biological, psychological, and social elements involved.

Chronic Pain Syndrome Symptoms

The manifestations of CPS vary widely and may present differently in each individual. Some commonly reported symptoms encompass:

  • Continuous or recurring pain
  • Fatigue and reduced energy
  • Sleep disruptions and insomnia
  • Cognitive challenges and memory issues
  • Emotional difficulties like anxiety and depression
  • Decreased capacity to carry out daily tasks


What Is the Best Treatment for Chronic Pain Syndrome?

Effective management of chronic pain syndrome requires a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to address the unique needs and circumstances of each individual. At DMR Move, we take pride in delivering a comprehensive, patient-centric methodology to CPS management.


Chronic Pain Syndrome Treatment at DMR Move

At DMR Move, we utilize the Human Rehabilitation Framework, recognizing the intertwined nature of physical, emotional, and social facets of pain. Our proficient team of healthcare professionals works closely with you to generate a biopsychosocial profile, guaranteeing a comprehensive understanding of your pain experience and its foundational aspects.


Our Chronic Pain Syndrome Treatment Options

Based on your biopsychosocial profile, our dedicated staff crafts customized treatment strategies that merge evidence-based therapies with innovative techniques to address your CPS. Our mission is to equip you with functional tools and tactics to manage pain effectively, boost physical functionality, and enhance overall wellness.


Our Staff

DMR Move’s team is made up of highly trained and compassionate experts devoted to aiding you in overcoming chronic pain syndrome’s challenges. With a rich background in pain management and rehabilitation, our staff is dedicated to guiding you towards an improved quality of life.


Start Your CPS Treatment

If chronic pain syndrome is undermining your daily life and wellness, take the initial step towards relief and progress by contacting us. Commence your journey to proficient pain control and enhanced functionality by arranging a consultation with our experienced team at DMR Move.

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