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Dynamic Movement & Recovery (DMR) was created to spread the message of a modern perspective of pain, movement, and recovery that is rooted in science, adheres to world-class standards, and is built around the uniqueness of YOU. Are you struggling with pain or movement? Do you feel stuck? Schedule an evaluation today!

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If you are living with chronic pain you may feel like no one can help you, you’ve tried everything and you’ll just have to make do. We are here to tell you that there is hope and there is a way to improve from where you are now. We recognize how challenging pain is and how it affects your life, and we want you to know there is a way reduce life limitations and improve pain.


By learning about your story and your life, not only are we able to do a more thorough evaluation, but we can make sure the plan we come up with together is catered to your unique needs.


Science may not be perfect, but it is self-correcting and continuously improving! At DMR, we take science seriously. Research shows that healthcare practice is very slow at applying current scientific evidence. In fact, on average, healthcare is over 17 years behind science! DMR works hard to shorten the gap between the modern science and the clinic to ensure our clients get the best possible treatment.


We are members of, adhere to, and practice world class standards and guidelines outlined by the International Association of the Study of Pain (IASP), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). We learn from experts from all around the world and incorporate their knowledge into your recovery and movement plan.

Hear Their Stories

Dr. Steve Hamming is a performance psychologist and cofounder of Neurofit: Center for Human Performance and the 1st Place Finisher in the Crossfit Games of 2014.

DMR | Move and Recover

“To stand on the podium with hundreds, thousands of people watching, and to know I’m truly competing with the best athletes in the world my age… it was the thrill of a lifetime.

My Pain

It got to the point where I could not lift my leg up, I was getting muscle cramps everywhere. My coach wondered if I had Parkinson’s, we had no idea what was happening in my body.

I’d been to physical therapy and I’d been to chiropractors and a lot of different professionals getting help… I was not getting better, I hurt everywhere, it made no sense to me and I thought this could be the end of being an athlete for me.

Our Journey

I remember the moment that you looked at me and said, “I know what this is. You’re going to be fine.” You took this mess that was happening in my body, you figured it out, and offered hope.

I’ve had no recurring issue with my back, despite the demands I put on it.”

This manual contains information and education surrounding the clinical use of the Human Rehabilitation Framework that we have incorporated into practice at Dynamic Movement and Recovery. The Human Rehabilitation Framework (HRF) is the world’s first process-based approach to rehabilitation. It utilizes evidence built on the shoulders of over 56,000 research studies looking at key processes that are responsible for REAL change for people who are struggling.

Since it has already helped thousands of individuals move toward a more meaningful life, we wanted to share it with YOU! We expect this and many more forms of content to come out the pipeline soon.

The Biopsychosocial Model of Health

What if I said your health was more than just your body? Most would agree, and science agrees, but unfortunately the majority of medicine (both Western and Eastern!) has not caught up to what most of us intuitively know and what science has revealed.

Challenges can arise in any of our Biological, Psychological, and Social spheres – often all three. Health problems may start with a single moment or factor, such as an injury, disease, or a life event, but then because of all the pieces surrounding that moment may slowly, and in some cases very quickly, turn into serious health challenges, including persistent and complex pain. These kinds of problems require a more thorough multidimensional perspective such as the Biopsychosocial (BPS) model, and this is what we specialize in!

DMR | Move and Recover


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“I have tried different physical therapies, chiropractics, injections and this is the first time I have seen results.”

“I’ve had ongoing back and neck pain for 10 years and Leonard has been a huge help. He’s extremely knowledgeable about the body and how it responds. I’ve tried PT before with little to no results. This place is very different, they work to give you long term relief rather than just a bandaid for pain!”

“To find the words to describe how I felt after one visit is just not possible, let’s just say I finally wanted to live again.”

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