Virtual Visits

What are Virtual Visits?

Receive quality service for pain, movement, and wellness online! Care within your own home can not only be helpful but it can be crucial at times for your success.

Struggling to get comfortable in that chair during your work day? With virtual visits we can help you get comfortable in the actual space you work, using the chair, desk, and electronics you use to help maximize your comfort and efficiency. If you are having difficulty with cooking or cleaning, we help you troubleshoot your movements WHERE you have the problem. Want to learn how to workout using your equipment at home, we can do that too!

Contact us and ask about a Virtual Visit to see how we can help you!


“I’m so grateful for the services that DMR has provided to me. In the midst of this global crisis, I was very worried that I would not be able to access the health care services that I need. DMR’s Telehealth has helped me to maintain control of my health and continue my physical recovery without risking my or anyone else’s health. Thank you so much Leonard and everyone at DMR!”

“Telehealth is so simple and easy to use, I was amazed at how well it worked to connect me with my therapist right from my home! Although I had initially been skeptical that physical therapy could be done through a remote computer session, I soon found myself at ease as we watched each other go through the movements and exercises. The feedback from the therapist was immediate, and I was able to ask questions, exactly like any regular in-person session. Best of all, there was no commute!”

“For those skeptical of an online or telehealth format for Physical therapy, I have undergone treatment with David Schwarz both face- to -face and also via telehealth. The treatment that I received under both modalities has been quality and outcome based. DMR’s approach to physical therapy and pain management, being Biopsychosocial, lends itself extremely well to online treatment. David was able to engage both on a educational level regarding pain management and also was able to model and observe my response to various exercises and movements specific to my goals in pain management. I also find his responsiveness to providing me outlines or reviews via e-mail after session as very helpful in organizing my home program to wellness.”

What does a Virtual Visit look like?

Our highly-skilled licensed physical therapists want one thing— to get you back to doing what you love. We work with you and your body’s needs to help relieve pain and to become stronger for it.

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