Chronic Pain Program

Chronic Pain Program

At DMR, we do our best to provide hope to the hopeless. A majority of our clientele are individuals who have tried numerous other interventions or rehab clinics with limited success. Our Chronic Pain Program is designed to teach you practical skills that are responsible for REAL change for people who are struggling.


Our Chronic Pain Program has proven results to help move you towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Most of our clients have seen at least 6 other healthcare providers with little improvement or worsening function. On average, our clients demonstrate 25-50% improvements in their personalized, quality of life measures in just 7 visits! By using the world-renowned Human Rehabilitation Framework (HRF), one of our highly qualified Movement and Pain Specialists will complete a thorough, personalized evaluation that goes over your full history, your physical exam, a movement exam, and learns about the unique interconnected factors that make you, YOU. From there, they will help you to develop a comprehensive plan to move forward.


  • Creating a functional diagnosis
  • Measuring progress
  • Building skills and strategies that are specifically targeted to your unique needs
  • Ensuring that your process and journey are meaningful and fulfilling

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